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Board MembersThe Friends of Lyon Arboretum is a not for profit membership organization working to provide support to the Harold L. Lyon Arboretum, a field research unit of the University of Hawaii.

Since its founding in 1975 Friends of Lyon Arboretum (“FLA”) has been managed by a volunteer board of directors whose mission is to raise funds in support of programs at Lyon Arboretum and to promote community awareness of the only easily accessible tropical rain forest on the island of Oahu.

Located on 194 acres in upper Mānoa Valley, the Harold L. Lyon Arboretum is a biological field research facility and maintains an extensive, managed collection of native and non-native plants including palms and exotic tropical plant materials in a botanical garden setting. The gardens are open to the public six days a week.


Members of the FriendsThe mission of the Arboretum is to increase the appreciation of the unique flora of Hawaii and the tropics by 1) Conserving and studying native and tropical plants and their habitats, 2) Providing inclusive educational programs for schoolchildren and adults. and 3) Encouraging the use of the gardens by the broader community.

Lyon Arboretum offers guided tours to the public 6 days a week and draws approximately 34,000 visitors each year. With only enough funding for a handful of employees, the Arboretum encourages volunteer support to keep the gardens thriving for school groups, researchers and visitors from around the world.

Individuals, associations and organizations interested in supporting the Lyon Arboretum are invited to become members of the Friends of Lyon Arboretum, make a donation, or volunteer.