Our Kuleana:

Protect &

Hawai'i's Plant Resources


The Lyon Arboretum is a University of Hawai‘i biological field research facility and maintains an extensive, managed collection of native and exotic tropical plant materials in a botanical garden setting that is open to the public. The Friends of Lyon Arboretum is a non-profit organization working to support the arboretum and its staff and reach out to the community.

We recognize that the world’s biological heritage is threatened, so too are the cultures that depend on healthy environments. Everyone involved with the Lyon Arboretum, staff, volunteers and our supporters, are dedicated to the conservation of plants and culture – our biological diversity. The Friends of Lyon Arboretum invites you to learn with us, grow with us and celebrate this unparalleled collection of tropical and native Hawaiian plants, and our growing program of native Hawaiian cultural activities.



  • Conserving and studying

    native and tropical plants and their habitats

  • Providing

    inclusive educational opportunities for children and adults

  • Encouraging

    the use of the gardens by the broader community

  • Increase

    the appreciation of the unique flora of Hawaii and the tropics